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Game Mechanics That Don’t Stand Out

While I was going through my games the other day, I started to notice a trend that surprised me. I have very few games that focus on deckbuilding, in fact I think I only have three in my entire collection: Ascension, Carthage and Dark Gothic. I found this to be a bit surprising, as I… Continue reading Game Mechanics That Don’t Stand Out

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Review of Carthage

Game: Carthage Designer:  Luke Seinen Published: SAS Creative Players: 1-5 players Playtime: 30-75 Minutes Play Type: Deck Builder/ Take That Synopsis: You have entered the ring for gladiatorial combat. You face fierce competition, and only one may survive. Battle your way through the arena to be the last one standing. Game Play: Carthage is played over a… Continue reading Review of Carthage

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Games I am Excited to Try at Gencon

First off, those of you who follow my blog closely, I wanted to apologize for the lack of consistency during the last week or two. My usual blogging computer is broken, so it has been more difficult to blog. That won't stop me from trying to still blog daily though... Now onto more important topics.… Continue reading Games I am Excited to Try at Gencon

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Review of Istanbul: The Dice Game

Game: Istanbul Dice Designer: Rüdiger Dorn Published: Pegasus Spiele and AEG Players: 2-4 players Playtime: 20-40 Minutes Play Type: Dice Rolling, Set Collection Synopsis: As you wander the bustling street of Istanbul's bazaar you have only one goal in mind, trading goods and coin for the glittering rubies that the venders sell. Quickly make the… Continue reading Review of Istanbul: The Dice Game

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News on Overturn: Rising Sands

It's been under a week since Death May Die hit Kickstarter and CMON was in the middle of controversy. Once again the boardgame publisher is in the middle of a Kickstarter controversy, but this time on the other side. It seems as though Foxtale Studios has directly copied CMON'S rulebook for their upcoming game Overturn:… Continue reading News on Overturn: Rising Sands

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Review of Shaky Manor

  Game: Shaky Manor Designer: Asger Harding Granerud, Daniel Skjold Pedersen Published: Blue Orange Games Players: 2-4 players Playtime: 10-20 Minutes Play Type: Dexterity Synopsis: The manor at the top of the hill has a reputation of being haunted. Things seem to move in the night, and not just ghosts either. The house itself seems to move and tilt. However… Continue reading Review of Shaky Manor

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Review of Maki Stack

  Game: Maki Stack Designer: Jeff Lai Published: Blue Orange Games Players: 2-6 players Playtime: 10-20 Minutes Play Type: Dexterity Synopsis: It is time to show off your sushi stacking skills. Compete against the other team as you race to have the best presentation in the shortest time. The players that can complete the pattern first will win be… Continue reading Review of Maki Stack