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Expectations of Kickstarter Creators

Kickstarter is a wonderful tool that has supported a lot of the development in board games recently. I am not a Superbacker, but I do use Kickstarter frequently to support Indie game developers, or games I don’t think will be readily available at retail near me. When backing a game though, I do have some… Continue reading Expectations of Kickstarter Creators

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Top 10 for Teaching New Gamers

I spend a lot of time teaching board games to people who have never played a modern board game. Between running family family game nights at different schools and running games at open gaming nights, I have taught to a wide range of games. These are the top ten games I would suggest using to… Continue reading Top 10 for Teaching New Gamers

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Mommy and Me Gaming

It's Mother’s Day, so it only seems fitting that today I discuss my mom's influence on me as a gamer. My mother and I have always been close as I grew up. When I was younger, I would sit with my mom in the middle of the hallway and we would play pick up sticks… Continue reading Mommy and Me Gaming

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The Pros and Cons of D&D Adventurers League

It's Saturday! Saturday means I will spend my day playing Dungeons and Dragons. I figure why not write about it as well? The majority of time that I have spent playing D&D has been playing Adventurers League (AL) with the exception of a a few campaigns and play tests we have done. If you want… Continue reading The Pros and Cons of D&D Adventurers League

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Review of Planet Defenders

Game: Planet Defenders Designer: Wei-Min Ling Published: Renegade Game Studios Players: 2-4 Playtime: 30-60 Minutes Play Type: Resource Management   Synopsis: The world is under attack from devious robots, set on stealing resources and taking over our colonized planets. Your job is to help guide the Planet Defenders to kill the robots and save the… Continue reading Review of Planet Defenders

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Mental Health Awareness Month: Boardgaming and Depression

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a cause that is near and dear to me. I have lived with depression for over a decade, finding little breaks between my depressed periods. Today I want to discuss what it is like to be in the board gaming hobby with chronic depression and social anxiety. I am… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month: Boardgaming and Depression

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Review of Century: Golem Edition

Game: Century: Golem Edition Designer: Emerson Matsuuchi Published: Plan B Games Players: 2-5 Playtime: 30-45 Minutes Play Type: Engine Builder/ Card Drafting Synopsis: You are a caravan leader, traveling  up and down the exotic Golem Road. You hope to gain and deliver the rare crystals that can be bought and sold on the beautiful Golem… Continue reading Review of Century: Golem Edition