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Review of Carthage

Game: Carthage Designer:  Luke Seinen Published: SAS Creative Players: 1-5 players Playtime: 30-75 Minutes Play Type: Deck Builder/ Take That Synopsis: You have entered the ring for gladiatorial combat. You face fierce competition, and only one may survive. Battle your way through the arena to be the last one standing. Game Play: Carthage is played over a… Continue reading Review of Carthage

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Review of Pioneer Days

  Game: Pioneer Days Designer: Matthew Dunstan, Chris Marling Published: Tasty Minstrel Games Players: 2-4 players Playtime: 45-60 Minutes Play Type: Dice Drafting/ Resource Management Synopsis: Time to load up your wagon and travel the Oregon Trail. Choose those you travel with carefully, pack smart, and be prepared for the worst. If you plan accordingly you could make it big… Continue reading Review of Pioneer Days

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Review of Dragoon

Game: Dragoon Designer: Jake Given, Zach Given, and Jonathan Ritter-Roderick Published: Lay Waste Games Players: 2-4 players Playtime: 30-60 Minutes Play Type: Area Control/ Take That Synopsis: Where once lay a pleasant island, filled with peaceful and content dragons has been awakened by a human invasion. Now the four dragon's instincts have kicked in, and the competition to be the… Continue reading Review of Dragoon

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Review of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: Everything is Connected

Game: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: Everything is Connected Designer: Matt Fantastic Published: IDW Games Players: 3-8 players Playtime: 20-60 Minutes Play Type: Social Story Telling/ Deduction Synopsis: Based off the TV show and novel, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, in this game players will take on the roles of Holistic Detectives, Police Detective and Assistant Detectives to get… Continue reading Review of Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: Everything is Connected

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Review of Stuffed Fables

Game: Stuffed Fables Designer: Jerry Hawthorne Published: Plaid Hat Games Players: 2-4 players Playtime: 1 hour- 1 Hour 30 Minutes Play Type: Cooperative, Story Driven, Dice Rolling Synopsis: The day has finally come. Your little girl has grown out of her crib into her big girl bed. It is now time for you to step into your… Continue reading Review of Stuffed Fables

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Review of Lords of Waterdeep

Game: Lords of Waterdeep Designer: Peter Lee, Rodney Thompson Published: Wizards of the Coast Players: 2-5 players Playtime: 1-2 Hours Play Type: Worker Placement Synopsis: You are a masked lord of Waterdeep, one of the rulers of the powerful and influential cities in the Swordcoast. Your goal is to become as powerful as possible, and you will… Continue reading Review of Lords of Waterdeep

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Non-Spoiler Review of Charterstone

Game: Charterstone Designer: Jamey Stegmaier Published: Stonemaier Games Players: 1-6 players Playtime: 45-75 Minutes Play Type: Legacy Worker Placement     ***While it is a difficult task to review a legacy game without spoilers, I will try to do this as little as possible. I will not spoil any story elements.*** Synopsis: The Forever King… Continue reading Non-Spoiler Review of Charterstone