The Meeple Street Apparel

The people have spoken and I have listened. I have launched a TeeSpring Campaign today that gives people the option to purchase a variety of The Meeple Street attire.  In the campaign I have included premium t-shirts, woman's V-neck t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags.  Most items come in a range of colors including black, red,… Continue reading The Meeple Street Apparel


Thoughts on Cthulhu: Death May Die

If you have been on any boardgaming media today, you have problem seen at least something about Cthulhu: Death May Die and it's Kickstarter launch today. It is the latest Kickstarter release from the popular CMON Games. It has caused a stir today, as the company has released the tiers in an different fashion than… Continue reading Thoughts on Cthulhu: Death May Die


My Gaming Profile

Once every three months or so I retake the Board Gamer Motivation Profile to see how I have changed as a gamer. Each time I take the quiz, my motivation changes or shifts slightly. This could be from a variety of factors, but I do notice the shifts as I look back on the games… Continue reading My Gaming Profile


How to Help a Gamer with Depression

After my last article about my experience with depression, I had a few people reaching out to me asking about how they could be more supportive of their friends with depression in the gaming community. I figured I would do a short bullet-pointed list today about something's you can do to potentially help your friend.… Continue reading How to Help a Gamer with Depression


Do Aesthetics or Mechanics Have a Bigger Draw?

Board games have evolved to almost be an art form of their own.  There are so many different kinds of games, and each has their own illustration style to enhance game play.  Likewise, games come out with new mechanics every day that challenge gamers to learn to play with new strategies and considerations. People frequently… Continue reading Do Aesthetics or Mechanics Have a Bigger Draw?


Painting Journal 6/12/18

It's finally summer, meaning that I have time to focus on painting again. I have had Stuffed Fables on my painting desk since February, and yesterday I finally finished them. This was not without struggle, because for my birthday I got The Grimm Forest and all I've wanted to do since then was paint those… Continue reading Painting Journal 6/12/18


DIY Crafty Gamer, Issue #9

I was able to do an interview with To Play is Human about my journey with miniature painting! In it we discuss my favorite tools of the trade, how I got started and some advice for new painters.

To Play Is Human

This week I’m going back into the world of miniatures painting. There’s just something special about having painted minis on the game table. They bring a game to life! I spoke with Mackenzie Hoffman about her work and how she got into painting miniatures.

The Meeple StreetMackenzie Hoffman
Blog: The Meeple Street

“Following [The Meeple Street] means you will get reviews on both new and old games; be able to participate in discussions and share stories about gaming; hear more about my experiences with gaming;  and you can enjoy watching my follies (and hopefully development) in painting miniatures.”

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Read on to discover her favorite project, paints, and tools, as well as read her advice for folks new to the minis painting hobby:

To Play Is Human: Did gaming or painting come first for you? How did you get started?


Mackenzie Hoffman

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