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Celebrating My Birthday

Today is my birthday, I turned 24 and will spend the day corralling middle schoolers, then having my usual campaign of Gloomhaven in the evening. That means that I had to celebrate my birthday yesterday with my family.  This probably won't surprise anyone, but celebrating to me meant playing board games...with some cake. The picture… Continue reading Celebrating My Birthday

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Favorite Themes for Games

The board gaming industry has expanded to cover so many different themes over the years. It is absolutely wonderful to have so many options to pick from when picking up a game. I naturally have some favorite themes that I tend to gravitate towards, and if a game has one of those themes I am… Continue reading Favorite Themes for Games

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Expectations of Kickstarter Creators

Kickstarter is a wonderful tool that has supported a lot of the development in board games recently. I am not a Superbacker, but I do use Kickstarter frequently to support Indie game developers, or games I don’t think will be readily available at retail near me. When backing a game though, I do have some… Continue reading Expectations of Kickstarter Creators

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Mommy and Me Gaming

It's Mother’s Day, so it only seems fitting that today I discuss my mom's influence on me as a gamer. My mother and I have always been close as I grew up. When I was younger, I would sit with my mom in the middle of the hallway and we would play pick up sticks… Continue reading Mommy and Me Gaming

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Mental Health Awareness Month: Boardgaming and Depression

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a cause that is near and dear to me. I have lived with depression for over a decade, finding little breaks between my depressed periods. Today I want to discuss what it is like to be in the board gaming hobby with chronic depression and social anxiety. I am… Continue reading Mental Health Awareness Month: Boardgaming and Depression

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Gloomhaven First Impressions

Last night I started my first campaign of Gloomhaven. I had been thinking about purchasing it for a couple of months, but another friend of mine bought a copy and invited me to join the campaign. I was looking forward to seeing what all the chatter was about. We met up at our local friendly… Continue reading Gloomhaven First Impressions

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Gaming Pet Peeves

I try to be pretty relaxed when it comes to gaming. It is time that I try to wind down and enjoy spending time with the people around me. That being said, I do have several pet peeves that I bring with me to the table. These small things really can annoy me, but I… Continue reading Gaming Pet Peeves