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Tavern of Heroes

Now many of you know me, I do not watch a ton of podcasts, mostly because I don't have time to listen to anything audio based during work. I instead prefer to take in most of my board game content by reading or visually on sites like Instagram. When Michael and Stephen Stagliano of Stesso… Continue reading Tavern of Heroes

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Celebrating My Birthday

Today is my birthday, I turned 24 and will spend the day corralling middle schoolers, then having my usual campaign of Gloomhaven in the evening. That means that I had to celebrate my birthday yesterday with my family.  This probably won't surprise anyone, but celebrating to me meant playing board games...with some cake. The picture… Continue reading Celebrating My Birthday

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One Time Use Games

There is a trend going on in the board game world that focuses on legacy games and one time use games. Legacy games follow a campaign, and permanent changes are made to the board. The majority of these games can be played 10-12 times in a campaign, and then the game is over and can… Continue reading One Time Use Games

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First Time Painter’s Guide

I have been painting for just over 4 years now. I am by no means an expert, don't expect me to be receiving any Crystal Brush or Golden Demon awards. I have never tried an airbrush, despite the fact that it is equal parts terrifying and exciting...hopefully I will be able to soon. This guide… Continue reading First Time Painter’s Guide

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Favorite Themes for Games

The board gaming industry has expanded to cover so many different themes over the years. It is absolutely wonderful to have so many options to pick from when picking up a game. I naturally have some favorite themes that I tend to gravitate towards, and if a game has one of those themes I am… Continue reading Favorite Themes for Games

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Expectations of Kickstarter Creators

Kickstarter is a wonderful tool that has supported a lot of the development in board games recently. I am not a Superbacker, but I do use Kickstarter frequently to support Indie game developers, or games I don’t think will be readily available at retail near me. When backing a game though, I do have some… Continue reading Expectations of Kickstarter Creators

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Top 10 for Teaching New Gamers

I spend a lot of time teaching board games to people who have never played a modern board game. Between running family family game nights at different schools and running games at open gaming nights, I have taught to a wide range of games. These are the top ten games I would suggest using to… Continue reading Top 10 for Teaching New Gamers