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Games I am Excited to Try at Gencon

First off, those of you who follow my blog closely, I wanted to apologize for the lack of consistency during the last week or two. My usual blogging computer is broken, so it has been more difficult to blog. That won't stop me from trying to still blog daily though... Now onto more important topics.… Continue reading Games I am Excited to Try at Gencon

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News on Overturn: Rising Sands

It's been under a week since Death May Die hit Kickstarter and CMON was in the middle of controversy. Once again the boardgame publisher is in the middle of a Kickstarter controversy, but this time on the other side. It seems as though Foxtail Studios has directly copied CMON'S rulebook for their upcoming game Overturn:… Continue reading News on Overturn: Rising Sands

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June 2018: Kickstarters/ Pre-Orders/ Games I Hope to Acquire

June has been a relatively quiet month for me as far as purchasing and pre-ordering games. In preparation for Gencon, I am currently saving money for the inevitable purchases in the Dealer Hall. That did not mean I was completely good though, as I did Kickstart two games, and I have my eyes on purchasing… Continue reading June 2018: Kickstarters/ Pre-Orders/ Games I Hope to Acquire

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Great Choices for Outdoor Gaming

This weekend is the 4th of July in America and many people will spend the day outside BBQing and watching the fireworks. If your family is anything like may family, they will probably also want to play some games and spend some family time. Now there are a variety of wonderful yard games families can… Continue reading Great Choices for Outdoor Gaming

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Five Challenging Cooperative Games

I am somebody who loves to be challenged, especially when playing cooperatively with other people. When playing cooperative games, I feel most satisfied if I am consistently being challenged throughout the game and have to think careful about what the best move to make is. These five games are some that every move will matter,… Continue reading Five Challenging Cooperative Games

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Does Party Composition Matter?

I have been adventuring with a party for the last three years, who does not do an official session zero. Session zero is when all the players sit down, discuss their character concept and create background stories together. Sure, as a campaign ends we start to discuss our next characters, but we do not always… Continue reading Does Party Composition Matter?

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Have I Ever Designed a Game?

A question I have been getting very frequently lately is, "have you ever designed a board game?". The short answer is no I have not designed a game. However, like many other board game players, I frequently have ideas for games. I would venture to say that almost daily, I see something in my life… Continue reading Have I Ever Designed a Game?