DIY Crafty Gamer, Issue #9

I was able to do an interview with To Play is Human about my journey with miniature painting! In it we discuss my favorite tools of the trade, how I got started and some advice for new painters.

To Play Is Human

This week I’m going back into the world of miniatures painting. There’s just something special about having painted minis on the game table. They bring a game to life! I spoke with Mackenzie Hoffman about her work and how she got into painting miniatures.

The Meeple StreetMackenzie Hoffman
Blog: The Meeple Street

“Following [The Meeple Street] means you will get reviews on both new and old games; be able to participate in discussions and share stories about gaming; hear more about my experiences with gaming;  and you can enjoy watching my follies (and hopefully development) in painting miniatures.”

Find her on:
Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | BGG

Read on to discover her favorite project, paints, and tools, as well as read her advice for folks new to the minis painting hobby:

To Play Is Human: Did gaming or painting come first for you? How did you get started?


Mackenzie Hoffman

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